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Image & Gift began as an original course on Christian Anthropology based on Theology of the Body and was developed by Jennifer Prather, MATS. Image & Gift differs from other courses on Theology of the Body in that it presents the actual text of St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body. As it is written, this great work can be applied to many contemporary issues facing Catholic christians today including the meaning of being embodied as male and female, the nature of marriage, the importance of the celibate vocation, same-sex attraction, gender identity and the relevance of the sacramental life. The first curriculum was written for high school students and taught as a semester course. 

Soon, several parents of these first students also desired to take the course as well. A new adult curriculum was formed and classes began for adults. Then, the course for adults was proposed to the Diocese of Baton Rouge and accepted as a requirement for all Catholic parish & school employees and voluteers. Shortly after this agreement, Covid-19 lockdowns began. In response, an online introductory version of the course was developed and offered online. Now the course is offered in both formats, online & in person in the Diocese of Baton Rouge and will be offered under the same kind of agreement in the Diocese of Lake Charles beginning in the Fall of 2022. Through a verbal agreement, entered into in May of 2022, part of the Image & Gift course will also be offered in the Lafayette Diocese. In May of 2022 Image & Gift also become an international course with the International Institute of Culture and Gender Studies with students in Australia, India, the Philippines & the United States attending online.

Due to the growth of demand for the course in various formats and configurations, Image & Gift became Image & Gift Ministries, LLC in May of 2022. This change will allow for the continued development of the course as well as the development and offering of other courses, seminars & retreats. 

Educate, Encounter, Embody

The mission of Image & Gift Ministries is to educate Catholic Christians, especially parish & Catholic school leaders, in an authentic Christian anthropology and empower them to embody this anthropology through encounter with one another and with Christ.

Crystal Salt


Image & Gift Ministries seeks to assist Catholic Christians in growing in holiness so that by living redeemed they can transform their culture to one of charity in truth.

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