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About the Logo

The Image & Gift logo, designed by Robert Frey, was inspired by the core message of the Christian anthropology of the human person as it is presented by Saint John Paul II in Theology of the Body.

At the center is the human person, who is the image of the Trinity and whose existence & call is to make a gift of self. This gift of self is represented by the gift box.

The Trinity, surrounds the human person to indicate in whose image the person was created.

Image & Gift3.png

The Father is symbolized by the crown, the Son is symbolized by the cross, and the Holy Spirit is symbolized by the dove. 

The color teal symbolizes fulfillment which, for the human person, is found when one lives out the call to holiness.


The color gold symbolizes the love, wisdom & Kingship of the Trinity who, in His wisdom, is the author of the nature of the human person.

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