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Certificate in Christian Anthropology

No fees are collected until you register for your first course.


The course of study for the certificate in Christian Anthropology is designed to equip lay leaders with the information and pedagogy to incorporate the anthropology of Theology of the Body in their ministries.


The certificate course of study consists of five courses and is based on Theology of the Body. Courses 1 & 2 (in this order) are pre-requisites to courses 3, 4, & 5. Courses 3, 4 & 5 can be taken in any order after courses 1 & 2 are completed. Click here to view the course descriptions. The final project applies to in-person students only.

Students may choose between two options of study to earn the certificate, self-paced or scheduled learning. Individuals may also aduit courses but audit students are not eligible for the certificate.


Students who opt for scheduled learning watch one vide lecture per week and attend 5 live Zoom calls per course with the instructor and students around the world to ask questions and discuss material. In addition, deadlines are given for written assignments and exams.

Self-paced students move through the course, written assignments and exams at their own pace, communicating with the instructor at the beginning and end of each course via email.

Those who opt not to pursue the certificate (audit students) but wish to have access to the lectures can do so without any obligation to complete any of the assignments or exams.

Spiritual Component

In addition to learning information, this program is designed to aid the student in assimilating the major concepts into his or her spiritual life in order to embody these concepts on a practical level. In each course, a set of guided questions will be given to students to aid them in incorporating a spiritual theme.

Students are expected to make attempts at incorporating these practices covered in the questions during and after the course. Commitment to local small groups, in person or on Zoom, if available, to discuss progress is strongly encouraged.


Beginning with Course 2, each scheduled learning student will be required to submit a one-page reflection paper to the instructor at the beginning of each new course describing the progress he or she has made in the attempt to live out the Spiritual Themes.

per Course

Unless you are a member of Couples for Christ, the cost of each course is $350 for a total cost of $1,750 for the entire program (all five courses). This cost applies to self-paced and schedued learning students. The cost for audit students (those not pursuing the certificate) is $250 per course.


Payment is collected only when registration for each course is confirmed. The option to pay for each course in three monthly installments is available at no extra cost. In the United States, payment may be made via PayPal (entering a credit card is an option via the PayPal invoice), Venmo or Cash App. International payments are made through PayPal. ​

Collected at

Time of Registration

for Each Course



15 hours of pre-recorded lectures (time of access is limited), Notes Outline, Access to online discussion board, Live Zoom Q & A and discussion with instructor (5 per course) and students around the world, deadlines for assignments and exams to aid in pacing through the program, Program certificate if all elements are successfully completed.


15 hours of pre-recorded lectures (time of access is limited), Notes Outline, Access to online discussion board, Program certificate if all elements are successfully completed.


15 hours of pre-recorded lectures (time of access is limited), Notes Outline, Access to online discussion board.



Successful completion of all elements will earn participants a certificate in Christian Anthropology from Image & Gift Ministries (non-accredited) and any certification through the agency/agencies participant represents as long as said agency is in agreement.

Schedule of Courses

Click here for the current schedule of courses. 

No Fees Collected until course registrations
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