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Brandi K., Catechist
Diocese of Baton Rouge

"I loved Jennifer’s enthusiasm and passion for the topic. It makes a difference when you are teaching such a difficult and deep topic to really understand it and describe it in a way that is authentic and natural. She has a true gift and I can honestly say theology of the body came to life for me in a way that it hasn’t in the past."

Shannon Baldridge, Coordinator

Office of Evangelization & Catechesis

Diocese of Baton Rouge

"I love that we dove deeper into Pope Saint John Paull's actual words. That was very beneficial and gave me a more profound understanding of the content."

Melissa H., Catechist

Diocese of Baton Rouge

"What I liked best was Jennifer's instruction style. She is very knowledgeable about the information, but breaks it down for the novice to understand yet allows those with some knowledge to get a deeper understanding. I find myself saying things like "we're not ordered for that". Understanding our inclination to sin is fascinating but the good news is that we can overcome those inclinations."


Fr. Taylor Sanford
Diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"I experienced Jennifer Prather's course as a top-notch, theologically solid and pastorally sensitive approach both to understand the philosophical underpinnings of gender theory and to accompany those who struggle with this to Christ. I highly recommend this course and those like it through Image & Gift. With so much confusion and hurt surrounding what it means to be human today, this is the sort of work that the Church needs to invest in- combining the rich teaching of St. John Paul II's "theology of the body" with the boots-on-the-ground "art of accompaniment" of Pope Francis."

Bekah B. 
Diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"This was my second class with Jennifer and definitely will not be my last. She has the unique ability to discuss sensitive topics with grace; and re-affirms the teachings of The Church while never disparaging any group of people. This class made me want to know more each week and has become a catalyst to learning more about the Catholic faith."

Redemptive Suffering_edited.jpg

Durwin W., Catechist
Diocese of Baton Rouge


Patricia W., Catechist
Diocese of Baton Rouge

"Jennifer's way of presenting such deep material from St John Paul II's Theology of the Body makes it very accessible and understandable. Although in just 10 hours, all she could really do is present an overview I feel I am better equipped to share this beautiful teaching with others."

Statue of Mary_edited.jpg

Paige B., Catechist
Diocese of Baton Rouge

Jennifer’s enthusiasm about the material helped me to visualize the love of God for man as described by JPII and long to hear more of his TOB teachings.

"The course was well thought out and very well presented. The presenter was clearly very knowledgeable about the topic, but was able to present complex theological ideas in a way that all could grasp them. Her enthusiasm for the topic was contagious. I must say that I came into the class with high expectations and they were very much exceeded. This presentation will have a lasting impact upon my life going forward. It sounds rather dramatic to say that my life will never be the same but I truly believe that to be the case." 

Reine B., Catechist
Diocese of Baton Rouge

“Taking this class has deepened my love for the Catholic Church. I learned so much about how God sees me and his plan for my life. My faith has grown more in the past two months than it has in the past several years. Theology of the Body is St. John Paul II's masterpiece, and I am blessed to understand his message through Image and Gift.”

Amy G., Catechist
Diocese of Baton Rouge

"Jennifer was fantastic. Very energetic and full of enthusiasm. I couldn't wait for class each week."

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