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Educate. Encounter. Embody.

Who We Are

Educate. Encounter. Embody

The mission of Image & Gift Ministries is to educate Catholic Christians, especially parish & Catholic school leaders, in an authentic Christian anthropology and empower them to embody this anthropology through encounter with one another and with Christ.

What We Offer



 Certificate Program


One Day Presentations

TOB Curriculum Planning

Self-paced Online Courses

“I experienced Jennifer Prather's course as a top-notch, theologically solid and pastorally sensitive approach both to understand the philosophical underpinnings of gender theory and to accompany those who struggle with this to Christ. I highly recommend this course and those like it through Image & Gift. With so much confusion and hurt surrounding what it means to be human today, this is the sort of work that the Church needs to invest in- combining the rich teaching of St. John Paul II's "theology of the body" with the boots-on-the-ground "art of accompaniment" of Pope Francis."

Fr. Taylor Sanford, Diocese of Baton Rouge

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